Introduction To Executive Protection
Threat Assessment
Pre-operational & Operational advance
Principle profile and relations
Special Threat s & Threat Groups
Tools of Executive Protection
Dealing with media, paparazzi, fans, stalkers
Hotel & Travel Security
 Security Vulnerability assessment
Protective Hard ware
Civil Liability & Us of Force
Counter Surveillance
Image & Etiquette
Survival Mindset
IPC Skills
Motorcade & route Security
Command Post
Net working & Client development
Radio Protocol
Practical Protection exercises
Defensive Tactics / Weapons
The Executive Protection School is a two-day course that will certify the attendee as an Executive Protection Specialist upon successful completion of the course.Each instructor is an expert in his or her field with years of experience and education. The course is both mentally and physically demanding, requiring the attendee to draw on all of his/her skills. Emphasis is placed on the field training. Each student will perform all of the necessary functions of an executive protection specialist.

Upon completion the student will have a full understanding and appreciation for the skills necessary for providing executive protection and be well versed in the core skills of this field, able to provide protection for a client upon graduation. In today's uncertain world no security or corporate protection would be complete without an executive protection component. This course is ideal for Police officers, Security personnel, Corrections officers, Military personnel.

$595.00 Per-Person
For course information or to inquire about Executive Protection services, call (937) 673-3698


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