Bill is a veteran inner city metropolitan Police officer, who has survived dozens of high risk encounters over his 25 year career. He is a court certified expert in Personal Safety, Self Defense, Officer Survival, Use of Force, Defensive Weapons, & Tactical Communication. Bill is a Certified Personal Protection Specialist, who has protected figures such as Former Secretary of State Collin Powell, Former New Your Mayor Rudi Julliane and other corporate executives and V.I.P.S. He has also trained hundreds Executive Protection Specialist's over the last 20 years, who now provide protection to individuals all over the globe. Bill has been the Commander of the Police Academy at Sinclair Community College for 20 years and has trained thousands of Police Officers, Corrections Officers and Private Security Personnel how to survive in the threat filled and dangerous environments in which they work.

Bill is the Author of Victim to Victor A Guide to Winning any Encounter, How to Protect your Family using the Secrets of Body Guards, And Counter Assault Tactics. Bill holds Black Belts In Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Judo, among other martial arts systems; he also is a certified instructor in dozens of personal defense systems such as, CQPC, PPCT, C.A.T. and ,I.D.S.

Bill has been teaching people from all walks of life from average Joes to CEOS to defend themselves from predators of every kind for over 40 years, it is his life mission and this comes through in every seminar. Here is a sampling (incoming college freshmen, Home health care workers, Realtors, Bus Drivers, Pizza Delivery Personnel, Taxi Drivers, Restaurant Employees and many more)

He has taught over a thousand seminars since 1990 and is a dynamic, engaging, and entertaining speaker who will keep you on the edge of your seat with his unique mix of simple, effective and Street Tested survival skills, entertaining stories and life saving information.

Nine Lives Solutions has been providing the finest in personal safety training to individuals from all walks of life for over 20 years and its founder Bill Parsons has been teaching people how to protect themselves from predators for over 30 years. It is the mission of both N.L.S. and Bill Parsons to teach every person willing to listen how to reduce their risk of being a victim and how to protect themselves from the violent predators that roam our streets. Personal violence is a worldwide epidemic, one that does not discriminate against anyone and can show up anywhere at the most unexpected times. We watch television and routinely see violence on our streets, in our business�s and even in our houses of worship, nowhere is immune from this epidemic explosion of violence that permeates our world. As a matter of fact by the time you finish reading this paragraph 20 more people have been violently victimized, the only real defense you have is to accept responsibility for your own safety, take decisive action to reduce your exposure to crime and learn solutions for combating it. When critical incidents unfold, they do so very rapidly and more violently than you could ever imagine. Through empowering training you can learn to spot the indicators of violence before they occur and create a plan for dealing with it. At Nine Lives Solutions we will show you simple, effective and empowering solutions for dealing with and protecting yourself and loved ones from predators and crime of every kind. You will learn to be your own body guard. Each Nine Lives Solution program is designed to address a specific area of concern and each program is custom designed for your organizational needs and requirements, we do not use a cookie cutter approach to safety and protection.

The programs we offer are.

  • Street Smart
  • Victim to Victor
  • Black Belt Communication
  • Counter Assault Tactics
  • Active shooter prevention & Response

Each program is custom fit to your organization, for example for Realtors we have Real Safe which address's the unique safety issues, challenges and threats realtors deal with every day. For incoming college freshmen we have College Safe, for waiters, & waitress's we have Serve Safe. Each program address's not only the broader issues of crime and safety but the specific issues each group faces. There is a program for virtually any special group no matter how unique their challenges maybe.

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